The festival »30 Jahre Friedliche Revolution – Mauerfall« (30 Years Peaceful Revolution – Fall of the Wall), realised by Kulturprojekte Berlin from 4 to 10 November 2019, was dedicated to the anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Wall. The capital was transformed into a large open-air exhibition and event area. At over two hundred events at seven original sites of the Peaceful Revolution, visitors could glean information, commemorate, talk to other people, and celebrate.
We developed the overall graphic concept in cooperation with Kulturprojekte Berlin and were responsible for the implementation of various media. The visual appearance brought the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 to the »here and now«, generating a strong brand that created a tangible, positive, and unified image throughout Berlin. The art installation »Visions in Motion«, which featured ribbons printed with messages about the fall of the Wall floating through the air, was a style-defining element of the festival. The flowing wave movement of this installation as well as the spirit of optimism of the year the Wall came down was picked up and transported by the dynamic motif – the typographic wave.

project concept: Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH