Building on previous experience and the Berlin »Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Urban Development«, a uniform basis for participation is being created in the district of Spandau. The »Spandau Framework Concept for Citizen Participation«, which is available as a draft, clarifies responsibilities, shows ways to encourage participation, describes procedures and formulates quality requirements for good practice. It also explains the tasks of the newly established coordination office for citizen participation, which forms the interface between citizens and the administration.
For the »Spandau Framework Concept for Citizen Participation«, we developed, in addition to the first media for the call to all residents, a striking key visual that appeals to a broad target audience, conveys complex contents in a clear way and thus supports active participation. In the course of this, we designed a postcard and a series of posters, as well as information flyers and the final concept.

Collages: Fanny Laulaigne