In 2022, the Museum of Photography presented »Image and Space. Candida Höfer in Dialogue with the Photography Collection of the Kunstbibliothek«, showing photos by the artist as well as the museum’s own collection with a focus on constructed and public spaces. Interiors take on a central role in Candida Höfer’s work. In her photographs, she explores the interiors of various types of architectural constructions taking a fresh perspective. The exhibition juxtaposes these artistic works with photographs from its own collection and thus with applied photography. The images are thereby placed in a dialogue that stimulates complementary or opposing perceptions of spaces.
We were commissioned by the Museum of Photography (SMB) to develop the visual identity for the exhibition »Candida Höfer in Dialogue with the Photography Collection of the Kunstbibliothek« as well as the associated exhibition graphics. The dialogue between spatial images and image spaces that is the exhibition’s theme, is taken up in the visual and typographical design and opened up for the outside world.