ISL e.V. is the »Interessenvertretung der Zentren für Selbstbestimmtes Leben behinderter Menschen«. This self-advocacy movement – representing the centres for a self-determined life for disabled people – follows the international example of »Disabled People International«. It is organised as an association and was founded in Germany in 1990. The association aims to jointly represent the interests of organisations that advocate for equality, self-determination and full participation in society and against any form of discrimination against people with disabilities. As an umbrella organisation, ISL advises and supports a wide variety of organisations.
We were commissioned to redesign the appearance of Interessenvertretung Selbstbestimmtes Leben in 2020. The existing appearance of the association was to receive a »fresh« look, while integrating the old logo. We created a visual concept that picks up original elements, reduces them, and at the same time, recharges them with a clear sense of direction. The association presents itself as strong, goal-oriented, inclusive, and clear and thus appears contemporary and self-confident.

Font: Centra No. 2 / Sharp Type
Coding: Christoph Schüssler