The Schule Alsterreder is a primary school in Hamburg Sassel, whose approach to education is based on free and holistic thinking, creativity, openness, and diversity. Helping each other, being considerate, mutual respect, tolerance, and social integration are the core values shaping daily life at Alsterredder. The Schule Alsterredder playfully promotes the individual potential of its pupils in a positive and fear-free teaching and learning environment and thus strengthens the inquisitive minds of its pupils.
We have been advising and supporting the Schule Alsterredder since 2018. Using visual communication, we convey the open-minded spirit and joy of living and learning together that are anchored in the school’s mission statement. We have visualised a clear and open image for the Schule Alsterredder, which also reflects the institution’s playful component. The school is presented as an accompanying and supporting partner of the pupils. The visual »ribbon«, which appears across all media, gives pupils a sense of trusting cooperation, solidarity with their educational institution, and reliability. At the same time, the dynamic »ribbon« symbolises the individual path of life that the Alsterredder accompanies for a certain period in life. The corporate design we developed allows for a versatile approach in the design of different types of media without sacrificing the distinctive recognition value.

Font: Centra No. 2 / Sharp Type
Coding: Kopfwelt
Images: Nadja Wehling
Animation: Moritz Degen