Theater Strahl has been developing plays and programmes for audiences aged 12 and over since 1987 with the aim of introducing young people to the world of the theatre and to create opportunities for them to participate. Theater Strahl provides a space for new artistic forms and ideas, plays with media, music and masks, offers the audience opportunities for interaction, combines dance with theatre, and stages classics in contemporary versions. Theater Strahl will be performing in a former sports hall located at Ostkreuz from October 2022.
Following a change in management, we were commissioned with the CI redesign and have been the theatre’s graphic agency consultants since 2020. The redesign has resulted in a modern visual appearance that appeals both to the young visitors and the teachers in charge. The visual language picks up on the spaces of the location and shows the characteristic openness of the theatre: both for visitors and for new formats and narratives. The flexible modules offer a wide range of design options, always taking into account the corporate language.

Font: Ginto + Diatype / Dinamo
Coding: Harry Weihe / Vorderdeck
Animation: Anne Luft / Moritz Degen