With the exhibition »Paragons / Afterimages. Photographs from the Berlin University of the Arts 1850 – 1930« the Museum of Photography (SMB) opened the historic perspective for the potential of photography as a medium for the art academies and the arts and crafts museums from the mid-19th century until the 20th century. The exhibition titel refers to the correlation of photography and ensuing further images, literal paragons and afterimages. The photographic teaching collection, which was on display in 2021, thus is an example for images that can be understood both as works of art in their own right and as teaching material for further aesthetic productions.
We developed the overall graphic concept for the exhibition and were responsible for the implementation of various media. The visual design reflects the reciprocal relationship between the »paragons and afterimages« by offering different ways of viewing the visual material. The wordmark developed for the exhibition plays with two typographically contrasting fonts, which also create references to visual translations and aesthetic shifts between »before« and »after«, »earlier« and »later«.

Fonts: Serifbabe / Charlotte Rohde, Basic Commercial / Linotype