With »Wissensstadt 2021« (City of Knowledge 2021), Kulturprojekte Berlin realised a Berlin-wide event format in cooperation with 30 renowned institutions and actors from science and research in the course of a whole year. The open-air festival celebrating Berlin as a science location was centrally positioned in this project. »Wissensstadt 2021« aimed to make Berlin visible as one of the most distinguished science locations in Europe. The format also aimed to provide concrete information about the interaction between research, political decisions, and socially relevant discourses. With »Wissensstadt 2021«, real-life connections between science and everyday life were established.
We developed the overall graphic concept for the open-air exhibition »Wissensstadt Berlin« in cooperation with Kulturprojekte Berlin, raumlabor Berlin and Die Exponauten. The visual interpretation is guided by the project’s objective: making everyday inter-connections between research and society visible through the visual integration of science into the cityscape. The poster-like hanging emphasises the low-threshold access to information, the cut-outs used symbolise the possibilities of insight. The high visual accessibility of this format facilitated a playful and barrier-free approach to abstract scientific topics.

curator: Joachim Baur / Die Exponaten
exhibition architecture: Raumlabor Berlin